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You won't find Face, Body, or Beard bars like these anywhere else! These are hand-batched from scratch, not brought in from a supplier, melted down, and poured into a mold like so many others do. Loaded with incredibly nourishing ingredients and botanicals, these bars produce a mild cleansing action, detoxify your skin and hair with ingredients like clays and charcoal, and are superfatted with so much oil you'll walk away clean, but never feel like you stripped your hair, or skin of its natural oils. We even tossed colloidal silver into every bar, to assist with their natural ability to keep your skin in tip-top health. We put our heart and soul into ensuring these intense moisturizing bars leave even the most problematic of skin and hair looking and feeling their best.

These artisanal soaps are so good, we offer a full money back guarantee*, if they aren't the best bars you have ever tried! We have yet to have any come back!

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