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About Us


AJ's Elixirs proudly brings premium men's grooming products, straight from Mother Nature, to discerning gentlemen worldwide. We specialize in men’s beard, mustache, shave and skin care. Everything is made and packaged in house, along Northern California’s rugged Sierra range.


We take pride in maintaining a great reputation, and have become known for sourcing eco-conscious and sustainable quality ingredients, for our product effectiveness, and for crafting complex scent blends. AJ's Elixirs aims to exceed every man's expectations for his grooming needs. Whether clean shaven, or fully bearded, we strive to create the best healthy solutions to meet your unique skin and hair requirements.


Whether you are a traditional wet-shaving purist, beard and mustache enthusiast, business professional, or just want to feel good about how you look and feel, get ready to impress, because we have the products for you. We produce all natural and organic where possible, and work hard to ensure your products are some of the most effective on the market. You’ll notice the difference, just as those around you will.


Spend some time with us on our website and social media pages, to become familiar with our culture and products. We'll be here in the background continuing to work hard at bringing you gold-class grooming products, because anything less is fool’s gold.


We thank you for your interest and support.

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