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Pre-Shave Oil Spawns Charity Drive

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If you haven't had the chance to check out our Pre-Shave Oil, you should!

It was developed by men, for men, to help prevent razor burn, ease shaving discomfort and inflammation, and prevent ingrown hairs while delivering a soothing shave. To our surprise, the oil has had a surprisingly positive effect on the women who have tried it as well. It really started when a user's wife tried the oil on her legs, underarms, and bikini lines. She was so pleased with how soft and silky her skin was left, she started spreading the word. And spread it did! As it turns out, this is a killer pre-shave oil, popular with all walks! Male, or female, you'll never look at shaving the same again!

Where is this taking me?  Well, we recently had a conversation with Ashley Mikula. It turns out she runs a blog site called Momma-on-a-Mission and is a huge advocate for Juvenile Arthritis. We started AJ's Elixirs with the promise of always giving a portion of our proceeds to worthy charities. We typically support the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Autism Speaks. After communicating with Ashley, we decided to support her fundraising efforts for the Juvenile Arthritis Association during the month of March. AJ's Elixirs has provided a gift certificate and discount code for reader's of her blog. Our Pre-Shave Oil was somewhat of a catalyst for this dialog, and philanthropic cooperative. 

We are excited to be featured on Ashley's Momma-on-a-Mission blog titled "Excuse me, I mustache you a question..." Take a few moments to head over and read through it. You'll find a little bit about AJ's Elixirs Premium Men's Grooming Products, as we partner with Momma-on-a-Mission blogger Ashley Mikula to discuss the world of beards, beard products, and charitable organizations.

Below is an excerpt from the blog, and you can read the rest through the hyperlink below...

"Are you part of the facial hair movement? I mean, I'm sure you've seen it...facial hair is all the rage now! Mustaches everywhere! Just take a peek at Pinterest and you'll see what I mean.

To some this facial hair movement is more than just a's a way of life. Some have even turned it into a Aaron and Jared who founded an awesome beard care company called AJ's Elixirs.

Here's what Aaron had to say when I asked him to tell me a little bit about how AJ's Elixirs got started.

'My business partner, Jared, and I have been friends for about a decade. We've both always had entrepreneurial minds and have thrown a variety of business ideas around for several years. I'm a childhood cancer survivor and Make-A-Wish recipient, and Jared is the parent of two autistic children who have had some amazing foundations they've been able to work with. As a result, we have always wanted to incorporate a philanthropic approach to whatever venture we started. Enter the world of beards and mustaches!

I've had some form of facial hair for the last 20 years. My go to for several years was a large horseshoe mustache. From there I played with beards, circle beards, goatees, and back to beards. I've always had an interest in high end men's products, from shaving to skin care, and have been fascinated with the rich history of wet shaving, straight razors, mustaches, and beards. Jared has pretty much been the same, and will cycle through products on the hunt for just the right one. He has always been intrigued with various skin-care products, colognes, and shave lines. I had been making my own mustache wax for several years when Jared brought up the idea of a men's grooming company. At this stage I had worn a Verdi style beard (well groomed beard with a distinct styled mustache) for the majority of 5 years. I eagerly said yes, as it was not only a personal interest and hobby, but we knew the men's segment of personal care products was a rapidly growing industry, and there was a need for eco-friendly, organic, and all-natural products. We also knew through experience that the bearding community did so much good, and generated a lot of support for charitable organizations. It was the perfect fit....'"

To read the rest of the 'About Us' and full article:

You can check out AJ's Elixirs incredible Pre-Shave Oil at Learn more about how you can directly benefit from its use!

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